Class Schedule Update

Considering the safety of our coaches and athletes is our #1 priority, all classes for 12/31 have been cancelled. We hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!

On “Pre-Workout” Supplements…

Recently, I’ve been asked by quite a few CFA athletes about my recommendations on “pre-workout” supplements.  Considering CFA has carried (up until today) these types of supplements from a well trusted company in the CrossFit world, we’ve had to get honest about whether I believe these supplements are contributing  towards our athletes’…

WOD for Tuesday, 12/30/14: AMRAP for 12: 10 wall balls (30#/20#) 20 double unders

WOD for Monday, 12/29/14: 21power snatch (95#/65#) 21 burpees 21 pull-ups 15 overhead squats 15 burpees 15 pull-ups 9 squat snatch 9 burpees 9 pull-ups

WOD for Monday, 12/22/14: 3 rounds: 10 deadlifts (315#/205#) 10 muscle-ups

WOD for Friday, 12/19/14: 50 deadlifts (185#/125#) 50 box jumps (20″) 50 toes to bar

WOD for Thursday, 12/19/14: 3×10 back squat (70%-75%) (2 minutes rest between each set)

WOD for Wednesday, 12/17/14: 5 rounds: 400m run 12 burpees

On Volume and Intensity in Training

“Don’t be impressed with volume, be impressed with intensity.” – CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Gassman Hey CFA! I just wanted take a second and talk about an issue I discuss a lot with you guys in the gym, and that’s “volume” in your training. What I mean by volume is how…

WOD for Tuesday, 12/16/14: 3 rounds: 500m row 10 muscle-ups 50 abmat sit-ups