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Jon and Brittney

Member Testimony CrossFit Abilene Gym

“Crossfit has actually changed just about every aspect of our lives ( in a positive way)! Aside from the obvious weight loss benefits, it has been great for our relationship to have a hobby that we get to do together everyday! It’s been great to have something to channel stress into and Jon even got off anxiety meds because it has been so good for him. I personally have gained so much confidence, especially related to my athletic ability because I have never considered myself athletic before. We both sleep better and are overall much more health conscious. And we also love being apart of the community! We have felt so welcomed and we couldn’t be happier we joined!”

Tylar and Deanna

Member Testimony CrossFit Abilene Gym

“We both have a whole lot more confidence with weight training and we absolutely love it now. We especially love the community at CFA, which I think has helped with our success so much. We truly feel like we belong and we love going. We both have a lot more energy, even after a long work day!”

David Moss

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Wylie and Lou Rolon

Member Testimony CrossFit Abilene Gym