WOD for Monday, 1/12/14:


squat clean thruster (155#/105#)

ring muscle-ups

(10 minute cap)


OPTIONAL post-WOD skill work:*

3x ME sets of double unders (if you get less than 20 unbroken in an effort, the set doesn’t count)

*a quick note about some programming changes you’ll be seeing over the next few months:

With the Games season quickly approaching, I want to give those of you who are are interested the opportunity to have some extra work to do that will better prepare you for what’s ahead!  Some of these elements include some time caps for “task priority” WODs that will help maintain intensity,  extra strength and/or skill work, and various other elements that will hope help you relieve that “itch” I sense many of you have to make sure you are as confident as possible!

One thing to keep in mind about programming and preparing for competitive CrossFit is that it’s a bit like playing “Wac-a-Mole.”  Sure, you can hit one area of your fitness that needs improvement, but others tend to pop up just as quickly!  This feeling is completely natural, but be VERY cautious about making sure you’re giving equal energy towards recover (hydration, nutrition and sleep) as you are towards your training!  Symptoms of overtraining don’t hit you all at once.  Rather, they sneak up on you over the course of months, which at that point it also takes months to recover and be back to normal!

Also, notice that I put OPTIONAL! If you are someone who doesn’t have any desire to compete, then there is no need to do anything beyond the normal class WODs!  Feel free to let me know if you guys have any more questions!